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Aveda Launches NEW Range for Curls & Coils

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Are you ready for a game changer when it comes to curls, coils, and waves? Aveda's innovative be curly advanced range is specifically designed for wavey, curly and coily hair. Created by hair texture experts and scientists, this range epitomises the best in curly hair care. Comprisigng of 100 % vegan and cruelty-free ingredients like Kokum Seed Butter and vegetable proteins, this range delivers plant-powered results. 

If you're ready to look after your curls like a pro at home, it's worth exploring this dynamic range, available from Westend Hair.

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be curly advanced - Understanding this Revolutionary Range 

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This incredible curl range is suited to all types of waves, curls, and coils. In fact, products are specifically tailored to unique curl patterns, meaning that you can find the perfect product for your locks. Whether you have tousled waves with minimal volume or the tightest Z-shaped coils, Aveda's curl solutions will inspire. be you advanced leaves curls feeling nourished, luscious, and defined. Product categories include:


Shampoo: Gently cleanses and moisturises curls, coils, and waves while effectively removing product build-up.

Conditioner: This new and improved formula nourishes hair from within, defines curls and defies frizz.

Co-wash: Perfect for those in between wash days, this blend of powerful ingredients conditions and gently cleanses locks. 

Treat and Style:

Curl enhancer cream: This advanced formula protects curls and coils from humidity and unwanted frizz, hydrating from within and adding extra shine.

Coil definer gel: This gel definer protects tight curls and coils, adding extra definition and loads of shine. 

Curl-perfecting primer: This primer perfectly preps hair for styling products, protecting hair from sun damage and reducing frizz by 87%.

Intense curl perfecting mask: This deeply nourishes and hydrates hair, adding additional moisture and shine to curls, waves, and coils.

The Benefits of Aveda be curly advanced 

This product range delivers transformative results, promising 72-hour frizz protection, 89% more definition, and up to 2 x shinier curls and coils. Moreover, you can choose the right routine based on your curl type to ensure your curls get exactly what they need. Use the chart below as a guide and pick the right routine to suit your locks. Remember, our curly hair experts are always available to advise you on the best routine for your curls. 

  Curly Hair Products Near Me

Once you've found your curl type, choose the right products to deliver the best results. 

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