Hot Summer Hair Colours for 2018

Thinking of updating your look for the brand new season? Why not start with a fresh new hair colour. WESTEND Hair salon in Glasgow are here to give you the lowdown on which hair colour hues will be dominating the trends this summer. 

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From buttery-blondes to pretty candy pinks, these are set to be the most-wanted hair colours of the season…

Hot Summer Hair Colours for 20181. Washed-Out Candy Pink

Pastel pink hues have been touted as one of the hottest looks for Summer 2018, and we’re okay with that. It’s so much fun to rock a pink hairstyle, plus, super-bright pink colours will wash out gradually so you’ll get a great diversity in shades. You can always opt for a more subtle / softer pastel pink from the get-go, too.





Hot Summer Hair Colours for 20182. Rooty, Buttery-Blonde

If you’re dreaming of going all-out bombshell blonde but would like to skip the maintenance – opt for a rooty butter blonde. The darkness at the crown allows for the colour to grow out fuss-free. To get this look ask your WESTEND colourist for a balayage that’s beautifully blended. Tip – if you’re starting from scratch, understand it will take a few goes to get the lightness needed for the ends.





Hot Summer Hair Colours for 20183. Peachy Keen Dream

You’ll see a lot more peachy hues come Summer. This hot hair colour hue is fresh, new, and super flattering – giving warmth to the skin – your WESTEND stylist will your ‘do to flatter your unique skin tone.






Hot Summer Hair Colours for 20184. Caramel Sun-Kissed Ends

A favourite with brunettes wanting to try out lighter shades, caramel-kissed ends are the perfect way to lighten up your locks for the summer. Ask your WESTEND colourist during your complimentary hair colour consultation about how they will create the look. Top tip: for a bit of variation, you can always mix it up with different toners throughout the summer to warm it up or cool it down.





Hot Summer Hair Colours for 20185. Toffee Blonde-Tones

Warm, toffee-toned hair is win-win situation when it comes to summer. Toffee hues (often applied as ‘Babylights’ – click here to read more) give definition and depth, and best of all, if you have dark hair, babylights are a great way of getting rid of unwanted copper/orange tones.