Experience Aveda’s Invati™ System For Thinning Hair

aveda invati system glasgow

Thicker, Fuller Hair Is Now Yours With 97% Naturally Derived ‘Invati™ Solutions’ at Westend Hair, Glasgow

If you suffer from thinning locks, look no further than the incredible ‘Invati™’ range from Aveda – also known as ‘nature’s solution for thinning hair’ – available to buy now at our hair salon in Glasgow.

aveda-invati-system-350x420Aveda’s Invati™ system is clinically proven to reduce hair loss due to breakage to help you keep the hair you have longer. Thicker fuller looking hair is yours with the power of densiplex™ (an invigorating blend of ayurvedic herbs that helps power invati™) and you should use this complete system for the best results.

The System Includes:

  • invati™ exfoliating shampoo – removes build-up that can clog pores and renews the scalp. 200ml.
  • invati™ thickening conditioner – restores strength and improves hair elasticity, reducing breakage. 200ml.
  • invati™ scalp revitalizer – helps energize and rehabilitate the scalp. 150 ml.

How Does It Work?

Invati Exfoliating Shampoo
Gentle, daily shampoo that renews the scalp by removing build up that can clog pores.

Invati Thickening Conditioner
Gentle, daily conditioner that helps weightlessly thicken hair from the inside out.

Invati Scalp Revitalizer
Daily leave-in treatment that helps you keep the hair you have longer.

Invati FAQ’s